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International Museum Day - Discover, Discuss, Create

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International Museum Day - Discover, Discuss, Create


Gallery of Fine Arts, National Museum Zadar is showing exibition Landscapes from the Gallery of Fine Arts Collection.

The exhibition is a selection of 38 artworks that follow the development of landscapes in painting from 16th century until today through different art movements, styles and techniques. Guided by the theme of International Museum Day - cultural landscape, we have selected artworks that reflect human presence in the nature, its influence, its marks.

Furthermore, the exhibition is accompanied by:

1. guided tours for schools

2. workshops:

  • plein air painting– Queen Jelena park, port Foša
  • assemblage - with the recycled materials and the theme of surroundings
  • land art / environmental art – workshop on the nearby beach or park
  • making and writing postcards - "Greetings from..."

3. creative corner - space for children with materials for exploring, playing, drawing, reading...

The aim of tours and workshop is:
- affirmation of importance of arts and culture in society and their connection with the nature
- through analyses of relationship between people and nature in the paintings awake the feeling of their own role in their environment
- rise awarness of the value of surrounding heritage and territory
- strengthen observational, analytical and critical-thinking skills
- encourage creative expression

Trajanje 1h 30m Vrsta aktivnosti Workshop Target group Children High school Preschool Primary – first triad Primary – second triad Secondary school Teens Price per person 15.00 HRK Send inquiry

Museum information

National Museum Zadar Poljana pape Aleksandra III. Zadar
Phone +385 23 251 851


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